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Beginner Resources

If you are new to 3D printing, we recommend checking out some online resources or tutorials to get started. There are many fantastic websites and YouTube channels that can assist you with the basics of 3D printing files and troubleshooting common issues.

GCODE Format

All of the card files are in standard GCODE format, which means they are ready for immediate printing on most standard 3D printers. The minimum printable bed footprint we assume is 220 x 220 mm (a standard "Ender3" size). We suggest using PLA, as the temperature is set to a standard 205 degrees Celsius and a heating bed of 55 degrees.

File Contents

The zip file includes three (3) files in total; two of which are composed of complete card sets, and one extra file is for three additional card set bands (if needed). The two files for complete card sets are designed with different form factors to cater to your preferences. One file is a "thick" form factor (with a raised number wheel and numbers imprinted downward), while the other is a "thin" form factor (faster to print, less filament used, and with numbers extruded upward).


You may print up to ten (10) card sets in total, in any combination. We recommend printing both form factors and mixing them together for added variety and fun!

Thank you for your patrionage!

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